• One music player
  • Power supply and power cable
  • A mount for the music player
  • Screws for the mount
  • Additional adapters (if ordered)
  • License
  1. Set up your player with the attached mount or rubber-isolated feet
  2. Connect the power with the attached power cable and power supply
  3. Connect internet to the player with a normal internet cable
  4. Connect a DVI cable, a displayport cable or a DVI-adapter. If you choose to use the adapter, simply run a VGA or HDMI cable from the adapter and connect your display with that cable
  1. Plug power to the player by using the power supply and power cable
  2. Plug internet to the player
  3. Connect your TV or projector to the player using either DVI, DP, HDMI or VGA. If you bought an adapter with your player, you can use that
  4. Make sure the TV or projector is on the right input. If you used the DVI output of the player, your TV or projector should also be on DVI. If you used a DVI to HDMI/VGA adapter, your TV or projector should be on HDMI/VGA

After your player is set up correctly, you can start your player by pressing the start button on the front.

Start-up of the player typically takes about 5-10 minutes.

After it has started, the player will automatically play our DJ’s recommended music. If you wish to choose the music yourself, you can use our playlists or create your own and add them to the player’s calendar.

You can log in here.

Alternatively, you can use the key in the right corner of our website. It will also lead you to the administration module. You need to use the login information you received on e-mail when you first bought the player. If you changed your password, you should, of course, use that password instead. If you forget your password, you can reset it in the login menu in the administration module.

We recommend you to leave the calendar at default settings. That means a predominance of slow-jam in the morning hours and more uptempo music in the afternoon.

To create your own playlist, you must:

  1. Log on to the administration module and select “Personal playlists”
  2. Select “Create personal playlist”
  3. Choose a name for your playlist and select “Create playlist”
  4. When done, select “Managing personal playlists”
  5. Here you can press the plus sign next to your playlist to add numbers to it

To connect your playlist to one of your players’ calenders, you must:

  1. Log on to the administration module and select “Class Calender”
  2. Click on the name of one of your players’ calenders
  3. Click a day in the calender where you want the specific playlist played
  4. Here you can choose which of your playlists you want to use under “Playlist”. If you’d rather use one of our playlists, you can select it under “DJ-mode”
  5. Select “Insert” and the playlist will now be active if you have no other playlists at the same time
  1. Log on to the administration module and select “Settings”
  2. Select “Contact information and setup”
  3. In settings on the right hand, you can choose “Automatically discard numbers with potentially explicit content”
  4. Select “Save”

If you still feel that offensive content is being played, you can add numbers to your banlist. To do this, you must:

  1. Log on to the administration module and select “Banlist”
  2. Select “Add the track to banlist” and select the tracks you want to add by pressing the checkmark next to the numbers
  3. Subsequently, go back to “Banlist” and select “Administration banlist”, where you can see all the numbers on your banlist and remove numbers from the list, if you regret

Closing speaks is a voice that comes out of your sound system to your members and informs them that you will close soon. If activated, it will be played 30, 15 and 5 minutes before closing.

To activate closing speaks, you must set up your closing times first:

  1. Log on to the administration module and select “Playlists”
  2. Find the player that you want to set up your closing times on, and click on “Setting up closing hours”
  3. Set up your closing times and select “Save”

When you’ve set your closing times, you can activate closing speaks:

  1. Log on to the administration module and select “Settings”
  2. Select “Contact information and setup”
  3. In the right side under “Settings”, you can activate closing speaks

Please note: Closing speaks are currently only available in Danish. If you wish to have closing speaks in other languages, you will need to provide us with a download link for them. We can then manually upload them to your gym. This way, you can also customize your closing speaks.

  1. Log on the administration module and select “Newsticker”
  2. Select “Add own messages”
  3. Here you can choose to have time displayed on your message. You must give your message a title and a text
  4. When you have created your message, you go back to “Newsticker”
  5. Select “Manage messages”
  6. Select the calender next to your message
  7. Check the box to activate your calender and then select when your message should appear

If you choose no start and end date, your message will always appear on the days that you choose.

If you deselect specific days, but still have a start and end date, your message will always appear between the two dates.

If you choose no date or days, your message will always appear.

When you have created your calendar for the message, approximately 24 hours will pass before the message is activated. If you wish to have your message displayed immediately, you must restart your player.

  1. Log on to the administration module and select “Newsticker”
  2. Select “Add RSS-feed” and copy the RSS code into the box that says “RSS-feed” and press save. You can find RSS-feeds for free on the internet. Just search for the RSS-feed you want, e.g. fox news RSS feed
  3. If you have multiple newsfeeds, you can manage them in “Administration RSS-feeds” and choose whether they should be shown, hidden, edited or removed
  1. Log on to the administration module and click on “Gallery”
  2. Select “Add images”
  3. Select “Add files” and find the images you want uploaded. Then select “Start upload”
  4. Once your images are uploaded, you can go to “Overview of all images in the system”. Here you can specify how long the image should be displayed. Images will be displayed when your player is playing mp3-music

We recommend you to upload Full HD pictures (1920×1080)

  1. Log on to the administration module and click on “Users”
  2. Select “Create user profile”
  3. Enter a name for the user, give rights and access to the player (if desired)
  4. Enter a login and password for the user and select “Save”
  5. If you want to change existing users, you can do so in “Manage user profiles”. Here you can change the players the users have access to, what rights they have, change name or password for users, etc. You can also delete users

Mp3-music can provide a more varied selection of music as it is music without the music videos. It can be both completely new music, which has not yet produced a music video, or older music, which there were never made any music videos for. If you enable mp3-music, it is strongly recommended that you also upload pictures to the gallery, as you will otherwise get a black display when the mp3-music is played.

To enable mp3-music, you must:

  1. Log into the administration module and select “Class Calender”
  2. Select the pen in the right side of your calender
  3. Here you may opt for the percentage of mp3-music, you wish to listen to
  4. Select “Save”. Your player will activate the new settings within one day
  1. Log på administrationsmodul1. Log on to the administration module and select “Settings”
  2. Select “Contact information and setup”
  3. Here you can change name, e-mail address, phonenumber, etc.
  4. Press “Save”, when you are done

If you always have a black display, do the following:

  1. Check that your display is properly connected to the player
  2. Check that the display is on and at the right output
  3. Check that all cables work
  4. If you have images on your player and have your player at 100% mp3-music, your display would also be black all the time

If you only have black display sometimes, it may be because you have enabled mp3-music, but haven’t uploaded any images to “Gallery”. There are two solutions for this problem:

  1. Disable mp3-music in the administration module -> “Settings” -> “Contact information and setup”. On the right, under settings, you can set mp3 music to 0% and select “Save”
  2. If you still want mp3-music played, you can add images to “Gallery”. If you have problems with this, please check the FAQ

Reminder: There are no music videos with mp3-music, hence why your display will be black if you have no images.

If the system is offline, please urgently review the following to ensure that the system comes back online.

It is important that the system is online, otherwise, new content and system updates will not be downloaded.

When the system is offline, you will always be informed by mail. You can also check the online/offline status in the backend system at our homepage.


1.Is the player turned on?
o If yes, go to section 2
o If not, press the power button to turn on the player
o If that does not work, please contact us


2. Is the Internet cable connected correctly to the Internet connector?
o If yes, go to section 3
o If not, go to section 4

3. The player needs to be restarted
o Press the power button and hold this for about 3 seconds
o When the player is switched off, disconnect the power plug for 1 minute
o Plug the power cord back into the player and start up the system by pressing the power button once
o If not, go to section 5


4. Find the Internet cable and connect it to the player’s Internet connector
o If no cable is located, go to section 6
o If a cable is found, please see section 5


5. Wait 30 min. and check the online/offline status in the backend
o If the player is still offline. Go to section 6
o If the player’s Internet status has changed to online you are done!


6. The system is still offline and you cannot do more
o Please contact your IT supplier

  1. Log into the administrationmodule and click “Advertisement”
  2. Click on “Upload advertisements”
  3. After upload, you can click on “Setting up advertisements” to set your advertisements as active
  4. Click on “Add advertising” – here you can customize when the advertisement is shown (remember to click the checkbox to activate the schedule). To the right, you can choose which calendars that needs to show the advertisement. If no start- and end date and weekdays are selected, the advertisement will be shown indefintely

All music videos on our system are equalized with the following standard: LKFS-23. This ensures consistent sound.

When you add your own advertising videos, you should get these equalized with the same standard as well. Most media companies can handle this task, as LFKS-23 is a widespread and well-known standard.

We recommend MOBVision who does the job for us.

Naturally, it is not certain that your advertisements seem louder, even if it’s not equalized. To be sure, you should get it equalized, though. Alternatively, you can test it at a time where it bothers the least.

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